Revolutionary, patented Concria™ Plastic Slide Blades

Revolutionary, patented Concria™ Plastic Slide Blades


Time plays a significant role in the concrete finishing. It takes 30-60 minutes to change standard blades, but Slide Blades can be changed in just few seconds.

Longevity, quick to chance and better price per square foot equalizes to the Slide Blades becoming an everyday finishing blade. Slide Blades consumption is over 200,000 sq ft when used after combination/Finishing blades.

Plastic or teflon blades have specified for long time for all decorative concrete projects such as stain, dye, shake on, integral pigments, polished etc. Burnished steel trowel finish increases the potential for mottling and difficulty in uniformly polishing the slab. Slide Blades totally eliminates the risk of leaving dark burnish marks while power troweling concrete or dry shake hardener floors.

Slide in and out in seconds

Patented Slide Blades can be easily slid on the standard 6” metal finishing blades in just a few seconds without any screwing.