Concria OPTIMAL SLAB™ – Superb concrete surface

Polishable and decorative dry shake topping

Can you imagine a dry shake hardener which looks like a terrazzo or a pure white concrete floor? Concria has made it a reality. Revolutionary Concria OPTIMAL SLAB™ is a polishable, extra depth dry shake topping.

Time is money. Concria OPTIMAL SLAB™ topping is applied on freshly laid concrete like any other dry shake. It is polishable in just 7 days after casting. With Concria™ FAST power trowel grinding and polishing system, you can even polish up to 3 000 m² in a day.


Harder than granite – better than concrete

Thicker topping with minimum crazing and efflorescence

Patent pending Concria OPTIMAL SLAB™’s thicker and denser surface layer gives different design options which are made for extreme high traffic. Concria OPTIMAL SLAB™ is made to you only by Certified Concria™ Contractors with the assistance of Concria™ Team Professionals. You get polished colorful or terrazzo topping budget-friendly and super-fast.

Fields of application

  • Stores, big-box retailers, shopping centers
  • Schools, universities
  • Car parks, warehouses
  • Factories, logistic centers, heavy industry

Main benefits

flooring is ready in 14 days from casting

Budget-friendly decorative floor
polished terrazzo or cloud-like dry shake topping

High quality
thicker topping with minimum crazing and efflorescence

Harder than granite
Wear resistance is A3 on the Böhme scale



Concria OPTIMAL SLAB includes:

  1. Concria™ DECO Polishable Dry Shakes are manufactured from mineral aggregates, special modified Portland cement, microfibers and chemical additives. They are made to extreme high traffic. Wear resistance is A3 on the Böhme scale and hardness is 9 in Mohs scale. You can get it in different colors including terrazzo and pure white.
  1. Concria™ HARD Nano Silica is superior quality finishing aid and hardener which makes dry shake application and flatwork finishing easier and better. It increases the surface workability by 15-30 minutes even under hot, dry, sunny and windy conditions. With Concria™ HARD NS it is possible to start polishing process in 7 days and create much thicker layer than traditionally.
  2. Concria™ FAST power trowel polishing system is the fastest way to polish the floor. With one power trowel can be polished even 3 000 m2 in a day.
  • Concria PRO – 7 polishing steps creates high-gloss terrazzo-like surface.
  • Concria SATIN – 5 polishing steps creates satin-gloss terrazzo-like surface.
  • Concria UNIQUE – 4 polishing steps creates high-gloss cloud-like surface.
  1. Concria™ SHIELD is water based superhydrophobic sealer. it provides maximal water-repellent waterproofing and improves chemical resistance. It does not leave topical film, get yellow or change the look of the surface.
  2. Concria™ Sleek maintenance system is a cleaning pad for auto scrubbers with separate, rigid composite diamond elements. Rigid Concria™ Sleek pad always cuts the highest point of the surface and so it never creates the “orange peel” effect.


Other Concria systems and products:

Concria™ BEAST system for grinding machines

The discs in the Concria™ BEAST system are made from premium materials, and are intended for grinding machines used on concrete and dry shake surfaces. When used in conjunction with the Concria™ HARD lithium densifier, Concria™ BEAST diamond discs for concrete provide unparalleled finish quality. As an added benefit, you can fill small cracks, pinholes, and pit marks during the densification process.

Delivering the Ultimate Lithium Densifier for finishing polished concrete

Concria™ HARD is the ultimate lithium densifier, creating a dust-free shine while hardening the surface and filling pits and small cracks. It accomplishes this impressive to-do list by penetrating deep into the concrete and reacting with both the concrete matrix and surrounding atmosphere.

High-Performance Sealer for fast power trowel burnishing

Concria™ GUARD is sold only in the USA. It is our patented, high-performance, acrylic copolymer sealer, intended for polished concrete and all uncoated cementitious surfaces. This shiny, protective film not only makes your floor easier to clean, but it also delivers a chemical-resistant barrier for polished concrete.


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