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Concria™ Shield

Superhydrophobic penetrating sealer for concrete

Concria™ SHIELD is water based a penetrating sealer and it provides maximal water repellent (hydrophobic) waterproofing and improve chemical resistance for concrete.

Concria™ SHIELD penetrates deep into capillaries, micro-cracks and pores without forming a sealed film. A reaction then takes place between salts and minerals to form a very hard calcium silicate hydride.

This results in a crystalline structure that stops the transport of water but lets vapours pass through (diffusion). Because the protection is deeply seated, it is insensitive to external influences such as abrasion and impacts. Concria™ SHIELD leaves no topical film on the surface and will wear away only if the substrate itself wears away.

Concria™ SHIELD is a final treatment and cannot be painted over during the following years.

Concria™ SHIELD can be applied on concrete floors of:

  • Shopping malls and supermarkets
  • Warehouses, distribution centers, manufacturing plants
  • Parking garages, airports hangars
  • Schools and universities
  • Medical facilities, office buildings, and many others

Take advantage of all that Concria™ Shield offers!

  • Improve the functionality, appearance and look of polished concrete
  • Increase life span, Excellent wear properties and durability
  • Superhydrophobic, Seals and protects
  • Will not yellow or change the look of the surface
  • Very good dirt and alcohol resistance
  • No mop drag
  • Makes cleaning and maintenance of the floor very easy