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ConcriaFAST system

Proven quality trowel polish system for concrete floors since 2012

Our Concria™ FAST system is the original, patented, and leading trowel polish system on the market today. We are proud of the fact that it was the first power trowel polishing system in the world. Using our effective products and techniques, contractors worldwide have completed tens of millions of square feet of polished concrete floors across more than 40 different countries.

This innovative trowel polish system has been patented in the USA, EU, Canada, Australia, Russia and China, and won both the coveted Most Innovative Product Industry’s Choice Award and the Most Innovative Product Industry’s Choice Award at World of Concrete, 2015.

Concria™ FAST system may allow you to work on the concrete floor at an unprecedented speed, but we know that quality is still of paramount importance. That’s why we offer specific recommendations for how to meet your floor’s key requirements without sacrificing the ultimate finish quality, all in record time.


Concria™ FAST system suits for old and new surfaces alike.

Concria™ FAST is the best solution for grinding and polishing new and old concrete or dry-shake floors alike in industries and facilities, where a long-lasting, high-quality finish is required. We recommend Concria™ FAST for:

  • Bix box retailers
  • Warehouses
  • Fulfillment centers
  • Grocery stores
  • Schools and offices
  • Production facilities
  • Convention halls


Before and after Concria™ FAST system.


Get ready to cover a lot of ground – our long-life discs can last up to 40,000 sq ft (4 000 m2)!

The grinding discs of the Concria™ FAST system contain a unique resin bond and the maximum amount of high-quality diamonds. These elements work together to deliver an exceptional gloss and DOI (Distinction of Image) value.

The Concria™ FAST system is extremely fast and cost-effective. After 6 simple steps, you can polish 10,000 sq ft / 1 000 m2 per day with one power trowel. Our long-life discs can grind and polish up to 40,000 sq ft / 4 000 m2.


 Machine  Ride-on and walk-behind power trowel and swing machine
 Hardness of concrete  min. 3500 psi
 Size  3 inch / 80 mm
 Grit  25# 50# 100# 200# 400# 1000# 3000#
 Thickness  12 mm
 Usage  Wet
 Bond  Resin
 Contains  Industrial diamond
 Connection  Patented clip
 Speed  500-1000 rpm
 Package  6 pcs, 18 pcs or 24 pcs in a bag

What else will you need to launch our FAST system?

To get started with our innovative Concria™ FAST grinding system, all you need are our Concria™ FAST Mounting Pads, and the Concria™ FAST Fasteners to secure the floating pans and mounting pads under the power trowel.

 Size  21 cm x 15 cm
 Composition   Resin with the adhesive
 Package  12 pcs


  Stock size  24″ 30″ 36″ 45″
 Composition  90% Natural Fibers and 10% resin
 Package  1 pcs



Creating concrete surfaces that are smooth, glossy, and easy to maintain

Not only are the treated surfaces beautiful, but Concria™ FAST trowel polished concrete floors are also much more abrasion-resistant and smoother than floors that are only treated with concrete densifiers. After using this system, dirt and grime will no longer collect on the concrete or dry-shake, and you’ll have a 100 % dust-free surface.

Our patented Concria™ FAST system is one of the most cost-effective ways to look after new industrial concrete and dry-shake floors. Low maintenance, durable, beautiful, easy on the wallet… There are a whole host of reasons to love your Concria™ FAST trowel polish system for concrete floors.

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Ready to try?

If the Concria™ FAST trowel polish system for concrete floors sounds too good, come and see for yourself! We invite you to join one of our <a href link>Concria Training Day programs</a>, located in the USA and Europe. A beginner can learn the basics of grinding and polishing with the Concria™ FAST system in as little as 10 minutes.

How to prepare the power trowel floating pan

Concria FAST discs are easily attached to your power trowel – it takes just 5 minutes!

  1. Attach diamond discs to the mounting pad through the pre-cut slits.
  2. Attach the mounting pads to the Concria FAST blade.
  3. SliDe Concria FAST blade to the standard 6” finishing blade.


A safe and healthy system

Concria FAST is the only power trowel polishing system on the market that meets both European and USA safety standards ISO 13105-2 and EN 12649:

  • The trowel height from the ground to the lowest bar does not exceed 60mm (2.4”)
  • You can drive smoothly without shaking and wobbling
  • It does not break the power trowel’s axis
  • You don’t need to worry about somebody putting their foot under the power trowel

Because water is used as the cooling agent for the diamond tooling, our system also meets the new OSHA concrete dust regulations by preventing silica dust particles from becoming airborne. The water also acts as a lubricant and reduces friction, therefore extending the life of the tool and allowing for faster cutting.

What can you do with your Concria FAST system?

There are three different processes to choose from, depending on your project: Concria PRO, SATIN or UNIQUE.

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 Finishing the polished concrete floor

Even durable Concria polished concrete floors need a little protection in order to maintain their beauty. Concria Hard is a lithium silicate and siliconate-based concrete hardener with a high active lithium content. Concria Guard is a concrete sealer with high gloss, stain, and wear resistance.

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