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Concria™ DECO

Polishable and decorative concrete topping

Concria™ Deco polishable concrete toppings are manufactured from mineral aggregates, special modified Portland cement and chemical additives. It is applied on freshly laid, damp concrete to form a layer with greater impact and abrasion resistance. It reduces the risk of surface spalling/cracking and limit the formation of dust and lime deposits in the surface. It comes in different colors.

Due to our own production of uniquely shaped aggregates and special bonding cements the adhesion of our dry shake is extraordinary. They are made to extreme high traffic and are used in industrial and commercial concrete floors. Wear resistance is A3 on the Böhme scale.

Part of Concria™ Optimal Slab system

  1. Concria™ Deco Polishable Toppings are manufactured from mineral aggregates, special modified Portland cement, microfibers and chemical additives. They are made to extreme high traffic. Wear resistance is A3 on the Böhme scale and hardness is 9 in Mohs scale. You can get it in different colors including terrazzo and pure white.
  2. Concria™ Hard Nano Silica is superior quality finishing aid and hardener which makes an application of topping and flatwork finishing easier and better. It increases the surface workability by 15-30 minutes even under hot, dry, sunny and windy conditions. With Concria™ Hard NS it is possible to start polishing process in 7 days and create much thicker layer than traditionally.
  3. Concria™ Fast power trowel polishing system is the fastest way to polish the floor. With one power trowel can be polished even 3 000 m2 in a day.
  1. Concria™ Shield is water based superhydrophobic sealer. It provides maximal water-repellent waterproofing and improves chemical resistance. It does not leave topical film, get yellow or change the look of the surface.
  2. Concria™ Sleek maintenance system is a cleaning pad for auto scrubbers with separate, rigid composite diamond elements. Rigid Concria™ Sleek pad always cuts the highest point of the surface and so it never creates the “orange peel” effect.

Concria™ DECO dry shake toppings can  be applied on:

• Stores, Schools, Universities
• Exhibition Centres, Pedestrian areas
• Car parks, Warehouses
• Factories, Logistic Centres, Heavy industry

Concria™ DECO Colors


• Natural look
• Easy to trowel and finish
• Reduce lime deposits
• Less dusting
• ASTM certified and CE marked products
• High performance
• High to extreme heigh abrasion resistance

Technical properties and characteristics

Traffic intensity & Aggregates

  • Aggregate composition: Pure Quartz
  • Hardness (mohs): 9
  • Traffic intensity: Extreme

C75 (N/mm2) EN13892-2 F11 (N/mm2) EN13892-2 A Böhme: A3

  • SH: 1600 EN13892-2
  • 6-12 Kg/m2 (used with HARD NS)C = Compressive Strength. F = Flexural Strength. A = Abrasion Resistance. SH = Surface Hardness. Kg/m2 = Consumption