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Concria™ BEAST

Long-life diamond grinding and polishing discs for concrete cut costs and deliver exceptional gloss and clarity on concrete

Concria™ BEAST concrete diamond grinding and polishing discs are premium quality polishing discs for grinding machines, intended for use across concrete and dry shake floors. Made from a super hard resin bond and premium diamonds, they deliver superior results and a long lifespan, even when used on the hardest of concrete. For the best performance, use water!

Our diamond discs can be used with all typical grinding and polishing machines available on the market with velcro back holders. They are available in a full grit range, from 50# to 3000#, and are engineered for both dry and wet polishing on medium and hard concrete (and dry shake hardened floors).

Concria™ BEAST HYBRID (50#,100#, 200#)

Exceptional cutting speeds and quick transitions from metal to resin are made possible by our unique resin bond matrix, combined with metal powder and high-quality diamonds.

Concria™ BEAST HYBRID can remove scratches from metal tool 30/40#.


 Machine  Grinding machine
 Hardness of concrete  min.   3500 psi
 Size  3 inch / 80 mm
 Grit  50#   100# 200#
 Thickness  10 mm
 Usage  Dry and wet
 Bond  Resin
 Contains  Metal powder and industrial diamond
 Connection  Velcro back
 Speed  600-900 rpm
 Package  9 pcs or 12 pcs


Concria™ BEAST (400#, 800#, 1500#, 3000#)


 Machine  Grinding machine
 Hardness of concrete  min. 3500 psi
 Size  3 inch / 80 mm
 Grit  400# 800# 1500# 3000#
 Thickness  Dry and wet
 Usage  Resin
 Bond  Industrial diamond
 Contains  Velcro back
 Connection  Velcro back
 Speed  800-1200 rpm
 Package  9 pcs or 12 pcs



Concria™ BEAST System for concrete diamond grinding and polishing

Fill small cracks, pinholes, and pit marks during the densification process

When used in conjunction with Concria™ HARD densifier, Concria™ BEAST diamond grinding and polishing discs create a better finish than ever before. As an added benefit, you can fill small cracks, pinholes, and pit marks during the densification process.

Improve the Distinction of Image (DOI) on polished concrete – exceeding 90!

Concria™ HARD is our Ultimate Lithium Densifier and hardener, and is capable of filling pits and small cracks. This unique densifier penetrates deeply into the concrete surface, and chemically reacts with the concrete matrix and the surrounding atmosphere to produce an extremely dense and durable concrete floor. Using Concria™ HARD together with Concria™ BEAST discs will create exceptional gloss and DOI readings that exceed 90.


Step-by-step instructions

  1. Grind and level the concrete surface with an orbital floor machine, floor sander, or diamond grinding machine equipped with a 80#-120# metal diamonds, and then grind with Concria™ BEAST 50# diamond discs.
  2. Clean the surface.
  3. Using a low-pressure sprayer, apply a single, saturating coat of Concria™ HARD. Apply sufficient material to wet the surface without producing puddles. Next, use a microfiber pad to spread product evenly and ensure uniform wetting if needed. Avoid spreading once drying begins. The surface should remain wet for 20 minutes. Adjust rate of application accordingly, and allow treated surfaces to dry for 30-60 minutes.
  4. Change to Concria™ BEAST 100# grit resin diamond discs. As an extra tip, disconnecting the vacuum prior to application helps get dust into the product and create a slurry.
  5. Spray a thin coat of Concria™ HARD on the floor with a pump-up sprayer.
  6. Grind the wet floor with Concria™ BEAST 100# until the desired slurry paste has been achieved. Ensure the grinder reaches treated areas before Concria™ Densifier dries. Grind until all visible dark spots are fully dry.
  7. Repeat the process with Concria™ Beast 200# grit resin diamond discs.
  8. Continue polishing with Concria™ Beast 400# – 3000#, utilizing the dry method to achieve the desired finish.


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