Our easy Concria™ FAST system takes your concrete floor to the next level

Don’t be satisfied with an ordinary concrete floor. Take it to the next level by grinding and polishing with our Concria FAST system! It’s easy, it’s fast, and it was designed by professionals for professionals.

The beauty of the Concria FAST system is that it transforms any ride-on power trowel into a grinding and polishing machine in just 5 minutes. It can then be used to create a smooth, glossy, easy-to-maintain concrete surface in record time.

Grinding and polishing concrete floors is faster than ever

Concrete floor grinding and polishing has never been this fast and easy. Concria trowel polished floors are much more abrasion-resistant and smooth than floors that are only treated with concrete densifiers. After using our Concria system, dirt and grime no longer collect on the concrete or dry-shake, and you have a 100% dust-free surface.

The Concria FAST system is also one of the most economical and cost-effective ways to look after new industrial concrete and dry-shake floors. Low maintenance costs and long-lasting durability make Concria easy on the wallet while delivering beautiful concrete flooring at the same time.

Save Time and Money

Using Concria FAST power trowel polishing system, concrete floors can be polished faster and more cost-effectively than ever before. We know that construction schedules are very tight, often not leaving enough time for traditional grinding and polishing. Concria FAST system allows contractors to produce over 10,000 ft2 (1,000 m2) of polished concrete surface in a working day.

Beauty and Gloss

The gloss level of the concrete floor can be adjusted and customized to your liking, ranging from an extremely high degree of shine to satin, gloss, or our cloudy Concria Unique concrete finish. High-gloss floors reflect light and don’t require any wax or coating.

100% Dust-Free and Easy to Clean

After Concria polishing, the floor is 100 % dust-free, as dirt and grime can no longer collect on the smooth surface. In turn, this level of polish reduces the need to clean your concrete floors and makes maintenance easier and faster.

Durable and Abrasion-Resistant

Concriapolishing increases concrete’s resistance to abrasion, allowing your floor to more easily stand up to heavy forklift and foot traffic. Concria polished concrete also can’t peel, chip, or flake like epoxy coatings or painted floors. As an extra benefit, the polished concrete floor has a longer lifespan than vinyl composite tile (VCT) or upgraded stone tile, and it only needs to be refinished once every 5-10 years.


Your Concria system will smooth and polish the concrete surface without the need for harsh, outdated chemicals – water is all you need for routine cleaning!

The agents used in finishing and in Concria’s own production process are environmentally friendly.