CEO Blog: Environmentally friendly building

CEO Blog: Environmentally friendly building

For the past 50 years concrete flooring development has been very slow. Flooring has always been the pain in every constructors mind, the risk of delamination or cracking is a financial risk as well as a timetable risk. The way to minimize the risk has always been to hire top professionals and trying to make the environment as good and steady as possible. The reality has been that environmental factors sometimes do tricks to you and when they do even the best professionals have not been able to save the day.

All of that has changed now, with Concria™ Trowel Hard you can save basically any concrete floor in practically any condition. The product helps you in hot and windy conditions and in normal conditions you can finish the floor 2-3 hours faster than normal. All of that sounds good and has been a good value add to our flooring customers, the biggest change in paradigms how ever is yet to be revealed. When you use Trowel Hard while casting, you can start to polish the floor just after 7 days of curing, that saves your day if nothing else.

Concria™ Trowel hard is also part of our Optimal Slap process, where we can do design floors with uniform colors and no seams for your retail of factory floors. We have customers in car industry, retail, warehousing etc. who all enjoy the dust free design floor with 3 times the lifespan of tile floors or 5 times the lifespan of epoxy floor, with 0% VOC emissions.

That my friends is environmentally friendly building.

Aki Jumppanen
Co-Owner / CEO at Concria Oy

Aki has a strong background in international business and logistics. You can find Aki on LinkedIn.


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