Concria Training Week in Finland
1-5 of July 2019

Concria organized a training week for its representatives, employees and partners at headquarters in Ylöjärvi, Finland. People from Puerto Rico, India, Poland, Spain, Portugal and Finland benefitted from presentations, demos and  discussions. We visited reference projects in Tampere and Helsinki area.

Concria is a pioneer in this technology and strives to be one step – at least – ahead of others. Concria invests in proper training even though systems and chemicals are extremely easy to use. Our team is full of professionals with long experience in different tasks in the concrete and polishing industry. 

Technical Manager Mika Kivioja and Founder of Concria Mika Ahonen explaining about how Concria chemicals are reacting in the concrete.




Troweling Concria OPTIMAL SLAB™ surface. In order to get thick layer we applied ‘Deep Black’ dry shake hardener 12 kg per square meter. It was possible with Concria™ HARD Nano Silica.

Starting to polish existing concrete floor with Concria™ FAST system.




It is a same floor than up above. Old concrete floor gets new life in no time!

Concria OPTIMAL SLAB™, Pure White. Dry shake hardener demo area around 30 m2. 20h after casting surface compression strength was already 55Mpa (~8000psi). Dry shakes are manufactured from uniquely shaped mineral aggregates, special modified portland cement, microfibers and chemical additives which provides extraordinary adhesion, hardness and beautiful look.