Latin American and Caribbean region

Latin America and Caribbean region

Introduction of Guillermo Álvarez

Hello to everyone! En Concria hablamos español ! I want to introduce myself, I’m Guillermo Álvarez a civil engineer who lives in Puerto Rico and travel the entire LATAM and Caribbean Region bringing to the concrete industry the most advance technology in concrete construction and preservation.

I just join the Concria group as a result of few years overseeing the development of this very clever way of doing concrete floor slab stronger and better looking.

Concria is perfect for the concrete floor industry due to the efficiency that brings to the construction industry.

New opportunities with Concria to a cost sensitive markets

The Latin American and Caribbean region are a cost sensitive markets for the obvious reason that most of the construction equipments aren’t manufacturer in this part of the planet and these technologies are mostly imported, but Concria opens  new opportunities transforming the power trowels equipment that everyone has in a extraordinary grinder / polishing system with the capacity of achieving the most durable concrete floors yet with a great aesthetic value.

Project funding, financing cost, skilled workmanship are only few of many of the problems that builders and developers have to deal with in Latin America and the Caribbean, Concria brings a great solution to these problems; it will speed up the pace of the construction process with less equipment and workers. Concria saves time and money.

Concria is a pioneer and leader in this technology

Concria is indeed the pioneer and the leader in this technology only follow by few other companies following our path.

When I thought I was totally amazed by the efficiency, the time reducing and the quality of Concria, I was presented with the new Concria OPTIMAL SLAB™ System.

This Concria OPTIMAL SLAB™ is the perfect replacement to the costly and difficult application of epoxy coatings, with this system everything happens in a very early stage of the project and it becomes an integral part of the slab , this is a permanent investment vs the epoxies that always requires remove and re-apply in a three to five year period.

Your profits will grow dramatically

Concria OPTIMAL SLAB™ is not just more economical in the initial cost, it will save huge amounts of money in a 20 year period of the service of the building.

Versatility engineering is one of the few terms that describe the benefits when working with Concria, with an investment in Concria systems your equipment will perform exponentially in the field making your profits growth dramatically.

Concria isn’t only great for concrete floor slab Contractors is awesome for industrial and commercial cleaning services contractors, with Concria™ SLEEK System a common swing or autoscrubbers machines are transformed in a Grinding/polishing equipment that will open a new market to this group of professionals.

Concria was born from many years of intense work searching for better and faster ways of polishing the concrete, Concria wasn’t created from a desk, it is the result of overcoming many obstacles by a group of hardworking innovators with the only mission of achieving perfection.

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