Budma exhibition, Poland

Budma exhibition, Poznan, Poland 12. – 15.2.2019

Concria is in Poland! We are happy to announce Concria has a Sales Manager Mr. Mika Surakka and certified Concria Contractor RS Posadzk in Poland. Activities in Poland has just started, and we wanted to participate in the largest construction industry trade fair in Poland and Central and Eastern Europe – Budma 2019 in Poznan.

Our Account Manager Mr. Mika Kiikkinen from Concria Finland Team was there with Mr. Mika Surakka and Mr. Lukasz Swiatek from RS Posadzk. Concria Optimal Slab, White polished concrete floor, was creating enthusiasm amongst the visitors. ‘It was good to notice how much interest there is for polishable, decorative dry shake toppings and power trowel polishing system in Eastern Europe. Traditionally floors are grinded with normal grinders and people were amazed how fast grinding and polishing can be! Even the quality is the same. Of course, traditional grinders are still needed for smaller areas and for ´opening´ the surface when grinding old concrete floors.’ says Mr. Kiikkinen.

Thank you to all of you who visited our stand!

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