Industrial Flooring conference in New Delhi

3rd International Conference on Industrial Flooring in New Delhi, India

Concria participated in conference organized by Industrial Flooring Association 14-15 February 2019. Founder of Concria, Mr. Mika Ahonen, was invited to give a speech on theme ‘How to improve project time’. ‘Polished concrete floor can be ready in 14 days after casting by using Nano Silica and power trowel polishing system. It is a huge improvement compared to traditional way, where project time can easily be 3 months’, said Mr. Ahonen.

We launched a new system, Optimal Slab – suberb concrete surface, in India. It includes polishable and decorative dry shakes, chemicals, polishing and maintenance system to create optimal concrete surface in different colors. It was no surprise that pure white Optimal Slab was a great success. There is a huge interest to get budget-friendly decorative polished concrete floor – especially in white! Concria demonstrated FAST Power Trowel Polishing system and people were amazed how fast ‘salt and pepper’ look can be done!

Thank you to everyone who connected with us. It was a great pleasure to meet you all!


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