Concria Team is growing!

Concria is a growing company that want to serve its customers better by hiring more experts. Our management and logistics team has grown enabling us to gain more and wider concrete casting expertise.

There has been management changes in our company. Mika Ahonen, one of the founders of the company will no longer hold the position of CEO. He will now focus on research and development. Aki Jumppanen will now hold the position of CEO. Mr. Jumppanen has a strong background in international business and logistics. We are bringing into the market a new type of polishable dry shake hardener system and a new generation diamond daily maintenance product for polished concrete floors.

In November, Mika Kiikkinen was hired as an Account Manager with 30 years of experience in the concrete sector with various managerial and expert positions. He has held the following positions: Concrete Foreman, Sales Engineer at BASF and Quality Expert in Rudus which is part of the global CRH plc.

Mika Kivioja was hired as a Technical Manager in November. He has more than 15 years expertise in grinding and polishing concrete floors. He is the most experienced ConcriaTM FAST system user in the world, because he has been using the system since it was launched. He worked previously in the grinding department of the largest concrete casting company, Bermanto Oy, in Finland.

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