Our newest representative in the USA

Our newest representative in the USA

Our newest representative in the USA

Concria is proud to announce our newest representative in the USA: Architectural Concrete Supplies, LLC. ACS delivers both the Concria™ FAST and BEAST systems, including the lithium densifier and guard for polished concrete. They are investing in extensive training programs in response to the rapid uptick in interest and demand for power-trowel polishing expertise. We are also excited to have a Concria warehouse and training center located in Chicago.

“We have been looking for a good partner who is experienced and has a big network within the concrete flooring industry. Concria is the system from professionals to professionals, so we selected the partner with care. We believe training is the key to success, so we wanted a partner who really knows grinding and polishing on a practical level. The key people of ACS have more than 100 years of experience in the industrial, concrete finishing, and polishing business. They are also active members of the American Society of Concrete Contractors (ASCC) ” says Mika Ahonen, CEO of Concria.

“I didn’t believe in the Concria™ FAST system in the beginning. Can you really grind and polish with power trowel? Because the system is not planetary we thought it wouldn’t even leave a scratch pattern. After several tests, I was convinced. We had a big project in Texas where the team was able to polish 15,000 sq ft in a day with just one 48″ ride-on trowel,” says Neil Roach, director of operations for Concria’s U.S. distribution company: ACS, LLC.

“For me it was important to see that Concria is not just fast but gives a high-quality finish. You can really receive a salt and pepper finish with high-gloss. This is a great opportunity for concrete contractors to start a new business with minimum investment. They already have power trowels and they can learn polishing very quickly. Of course, this is an excellent opportunity for grinding contractors as well. They already know how to do the work, but now they can save so much time and make a better profit,” says David Edwards from ACS, LLC.

“I noticed they have done more than 15 million sq ft in a year with this system in Europe. We wanted to make this system available in the USA also. It is the original, patented trowel polish system with s very long diamond tooling life – you can polish around 40,000 sq ft per disc,” says Paul Cook from ACS, LLC.

Roach says: “Ride-on power trowels from several different manufacturers can be adapted for use for concrete grinding/polishing with the Concria™ FAST system. The components are a standard floating pan and three elements from Concria: mounting pad, diamond discs, and velcro fastener. The components are also available in sizes that fit different power trowel models. You can change the power trowel into a polishing machine in just 5 minutes without any changes to the trowel, and start polishing right away.”

Concria’s marketing focus for the TrowelPolish system reflects a “size does matter” approach. Big-box retailers, warehouses, convention halls, and production facilities are the type of property we want to serve, helping to establish our grinding/polishing system as the “industry standard.”

If you are interested in receiving more information about Concria in the USA, please contact us.


Neil Roach, phone 217 304-1721

David Edwards, phone 407 948-1068

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