New Concria

New Concria

New Concria

We hope you’re enjoying the new Concria! We are excited to be launching new products, systems, webpages, and a whole new look… all at once!

New website

Just like our concrete systems, our new web pages have been designed with you (industry professionals) in mind. Photos, information, and the user experience should all be clear and helpful. We value your feedback – please let us know what you think!

New look

We would like to thank our creative advertising agency: Sireeni Oy, here in Finland. They have done a wonderful job reflecting Concria’s new vision, life, and energy in our modern website, especially through the black, white, and green color scheme. Individually, black and white are boring, but together they make a stylish pair. This conscious color choice represents our team spirit, and the fact that by working together we can make the mundane extraordinary. The bright, vibrant green represents our pioneer’s attitude – we want to always be one step ahead, and to help you be as well.

New products

Concria is known for manufacturing diamond discs for power trowels. After listening to our customers, we decided that we needed to do more. We now also offer diamond discs for grinding machines and chemicals for concrete floors. You can choose either the Concria™ FAST system or BEAST system, and each includes both discs and chemicals.

New packaging material

Each step has a corresponding color, and a bag that matches that color. This is an easy way to carry and organize your discs (each bag holds a full set). And, for your convenience, you can store wet discs in their bag without any drying issues.

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