Concria Oy belongs to the highest class in the rating classification AAA®

Concria Oy belongs to the highest class in the rating classification AAA®.
This level of classification is achieved only by 3.5 % of all companies in Finland.


Concria TrowelPolish wins Industry's Choice Most Innovative Product

Concria TrowelPolish was awarded the Industry's Choice Most Innovative Product at World of Concrete 2015. Thank you everyone for your support!

World of Concrete is the industry’s ONLY annual international event dedicated to the commercial concrete and masonry construction industries. Featuring indoor and outdoor exhibits with the industry’s leading suppliers showcasing innovative products and technologies.
2015 was the largest World of Concrete in six years with the 55,779 registered professionals and 1,450 exhibitors

Concria TrowelPolish is opening doors for concrete contractors and business owners looking to expand into the concrete polishing market with minimal investment. There’s no need to bring in the expensive, high-voltage concrete grinding equipment, as the Concria system transforms power trowels, auto-scrubbers, and even swing buffing machines into concrete grinding and polishing machines.

If you are interested in Concria sleeking system, please do not hesitate to contact us.

New investment partners to Concria

Concria has signed a partner agreement with Innofinance Ltd and Vekka Invest Ltd. The partners have invested to Concria and will actively develope the businesses together with management and participate to the work of board of

Concria at "House 1" Baltic biggest building industry event in Riga

Visit us at Baltic biggest building industry event "house 1" in Riga, Latvia 13-16.3.
We will be in BOOTH Hall- II: N27!


Concria has been nominated for the innovation-prize at BATIMAT 2013

Concria is one of only 20 companies, which has been nominated for the innovation-prize at BATIMAT 2013. The purpose of Innovation competition is to showcase the most innovative products in the construction industry.

BATIMAT 2013 will be the official European launch for Concria TrowelPolish. At the show you will be able to see this groundbreaking, innovative system for treating industrial concrete floors and we are proud to announce our official European launch for this system at the show.

Batimat has more than 3,500 exhibitors and over 400,000 visitors from all over the world and it is ranked as the world's number one building and architecture exhibition.

BATIMAT Exposition is held from 4 to 8 November in Paris, France. Visit us at Hall 5A Allee H Booth No.1

Concria at ISSA/INTERCLEAN Convention in Las Vegas 18.–21.11.

Visit us at the ISSA/INTERCLEAN Convention in Las Vegas November 18.–21. We will be at booth 2893!


9000m² of polished concrete floor made in only 2 weeks with one power trowel

It’s becoming ever so more popular to polish new industrial concrete and dry-shakes floors.  It has been the norm for flooring companies to focus only on making extremely hard floors with silicates or dry-shake hardeners, but now clients are requesting a concrete floor that is easier to maintain as well. With the Concria’s innovative concrete TrowelPolish system you can give them exactly that!

Suomen Betonilattiat, one of the largest concrete floor manufacturers in Finland, was the first company worldwide to use the Concria trowel polishing system in their own warehouse.

Antero Kuoppala, CEO and founder of Suomen Betonilattiat, understood immediately the logics behind this new system and the potential it had for his business. He decided to use the Concria TrowelPolish system in Tampere City Convention Center, and the project began only 3 weeks after the initial test.

They were supposed to do a 6 step polishing with a conventional 650 mm wide grinder (50#–1500#) and their calculations showed that they could make around 80 m² of finished floor per day.

–After the first week it become very clear to us that there is no reason to use conventional grinders anymore for new industrial concrete floors, because we could made over 2000 m² with the 6 step Concria system in only 2 days. New industrial concrete floor polishing cannot possibly be any easier or faster than the Concria trowel polishing system, Kuoppala says.

–Furthermore, the big advantage is that we can make the entire concrete polishing process without any cords getting in the way, as our ride-on power trowels work with gasoline and the scrubber driers, for cleaning away the slurry, work with batteries. Previously when on a job, working with 11Kw floor grinders and 4Kw vacuums, we would waste a lot of time simply because of problems with electricity, Kuoppala continues.
High abrasion-resistant floors are not synonymous with ease of cleaning and this is the biggest reason as to why a new industrial concrete floor should be polished. Even though you can create concrete floors, which are extremely durable, it doesn’t mean that they are easy to clean – this is where the end-user can save a substantial amount of money after installation. Another great reason is the sustainability and eco-friendliness of the Concria TrowelPolish system.

–I wholeheartedly recommend that all concrete flooring companies try this fantastic Concria TrowelPolish system and see for themselves how easy it to create better floors for their clients.

–Concria is certainly a system we will continue using as it’s easy and brings us a good profit, and because of the low cost of the system we are getting more work than ever before for polishing industrial concrete and dry-shake floors. In fact, we are even targeting some of our old customers with floors we have done years ago, to do refurbishment jobs, Mr. Kuoppala remarks before he goes on to do yet another job with the Concria TrowelPolish system.


Polished concrete floor made with auto scrubber and high-speed burnisher

From dusty, difficult-to-clean industrial floor to dust-free, high-gloss surface in record time – another success-story from Concria on how to transform an existing normal industrial concrete floor to a top-of-the-range floor, that is easy to clean, dust-free & looks fantastic.

Subject: 700 m2 warehouse facility, Bremen - Germany

The client had recently moved into their new facility and had problems with dust and cleaning of the surface in their warehouse facility. Concria comes to the rescue!

The major problem was the concrete floor and it’s micro-roughness, which leaves the floor vulnerable to dusting, tire-marks from trucks and a general difficulty in getting the floor clean. Because of the micro-roughness of the concrete, the dust will settle in between the rough concrete surface and become impossible to clean as no cleaning-machine can get to the dirt as it is trapped. It might look clean, mostly when wet, after a normal cleaning-cycle, but after the floor dries out, it is as dusty as before and the dust-particles will again be free to whirl around.

On the first day of operation the company used two conventional scrubber-driers with the patented Concria diamond sleeking discs, starting out with the lowest step 1 (blue) discs, doing four passes with the machines to remove the worst part of the micro-roughness. They then progressed to using step 2 (yellow) with another four passes and already the surface was a lot smoother than before.

The final grinding stage of the day was steps 3  (orange) and step 4 (red) disc’s with 3 passes and after this process the floor was ready to be applied with the Litium Densifier solution. A product that not only dust-proofs the entire floor, but also makes the concrete over 50% stronger, therefore making the floor up to 10 times more durable – something any finance-manager or building-owner will appreciate in the long run. After these steps, the surface now had a nice satin-finish to it and in terms of looks, some would be satisfied. Not this company as they wanted the best possible solution, without spending a fortune.

On the second day, the company was done using the conventional scrubber-driers and started using a high speed burnisher with the Concria Fast polishing pad attached. They started with grit 1000 and already now it was incredible to see the shine this process brought to the surface. Two passes was all that was needed and they quickly switched to grit 2000 for another two passes. Now the floor was ready to receive the treatment with the Protective Sealer which close pores of the concrete, making it resistant to penetration of water, oil, grease etc. Leaving the floor to soak up this treatment for aprx 35 minutes, the final step was now to polish the floor with the highest grit, the grit 3500 which gave the floor an incredible shine (on average 60 on a certified gloss-meter), and now the whole process was complete – all in less than 16 hours from start to finish, with two people managing the whole process and using only normal cleaning equipment.

Needless to say that the company was extremely happy with the results. Not only did they now have a completely dustfree floor, resistant to pollution from water, oil & grease – they had also saved a lot of money instead of having the floor done with conventional concrete grinders, which is an expensive and often labor-intensive process. Furthermore, the cost of after-care of the floor is minimal as all it requires is normal cleaning without any expensive cleaning solutions or re-applications of wax-based toppings.
Does this sound like something you would be interested in? Get in touch – we would love to tell you more!